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What is Molewa’s Kitchen?

Molewa’s Kitchen is a popular food blog for mindfully green eating in South Africa. If you care about what you eat, you are at the right place.

Here, we’d like to help you source your ingredients mindfully and share our favorite recipes, cookbooks and eat out spots in Cape Town and Johannesburg with you. Food labels can be confusing, considering our misleading labeling and weak biosafety laws – our motto is simple: keep it local, eat natural and shop sustainable. All our recipes are developed, cooked and photographed in our kitchen using ingredients we love and believe in. Thank you for popping by and enjoy!

Looking for local, natural and sustainable food? Check out our Mindful Food Network!

In our Mindful Food Network you find South African businesses within the food industry who offer local, natural and sustainable food. Here, we help you to source real food and ingredients and introduce you to our local food heroines and heros at the same time. Remember, there’s always a face behind honest food!

I have a business in the food industry in South Africa and would like to introduce my product!

You are part of the food industry in South Africa and would like to showcase your product, business or service offering local, natural and sustainable food?

Request a personal meeting with us where we discuss the benefits of a donation based digital marketing package and become part of the Mindful Food Network.  

Molewa’s Kitchen was honoured to be named blogger of the month by Food & Home Entertainment Magazine (2013) and was featured in Woolworths Taste (2014), Men’s Health Magazine (2015and Pronto Mama (2015).  

In December 2015, Animal Voice South Africa has acknowledged us as an advocate for kinder food. 

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