Bacon Butternut Pasta w/ Tahini, Onion Jam and chili-roasted Cashews


Today, I’d like to share one of my favourite pasta recipes with you, my own interpretation of bacon and butternut pasta. 

Choose real quality vs. mass produced  

When I shop for bacon, I opt for Richard Bosman, because it is ethically sourced and naturally bred from local farms, plus they have a very close relationship with their deli meats. Conscious bacon lover’s who are looking for real quality cured meat, free of hormones and antibiotics can find their porky paradise at Bacon on Bree.

The South African specialist deli doesn’t only sell excellent varieties of different cured meats, they also offer a heavenly scrumptious bistro menu, which i will tell you more about soon.





  1. Start with the onion jam, as it takes the most amount of time to prepare. Add 1 tbsp of coconut oil into a pan and heat up. Once hot, add sliced red onions and decrease heat, let simmer and stir occasionally for 30min Increase heat, stir and deglaze with the wine. Add oregano and reduce for 15 min. Allow to simmer for further 30 min. and add a bit of water if necessary. Add a pinch of sea salt at the end. 
  2. Peal and dice the butternut, then sprinkle with Chimichurri pampeano and drizzle with olive oil. Add 4 – 5 cloves of garlic and slow-roast in the oven until soft 
  3. Curl bacon, and place on a baking tray and roast until crispy 
  4. Cook pasta according to the instructions in sea salted water. Drain once cooked  
  5. Slice red chili finely. Crush cashews coarsely and mix with chilies. Fry both in a bit of coconut oil until golden brown. Add a pinch of paprika for that robust flavour
  6. Try use a big enough pan, add 2 tbsp of bacon fat and mix with the butternut. Add a handful of sliced green spinach leaves and pasta and mix.  Add pasta to a bowl or deep plate
  7. Top with curly bacon and onion jam and drizzle with tahini 
  8. Optional: sprinkle a few drops of fresh lemon juice 


The wine I recommend 

The cool-climate chenin blanc from Stellar Organics is one of our favourite lunch wines. It is a wine of elegance and distinction with a fresh pear and honey note, perfect with Richard Bosman’s Honey Bacon, tahini and butternut. This well-rounded wine with a citrus undertone on the palate is just the right thing to wash down a starchy dish like pasta!

My friend Kafui is loving it!



Dennis Molewa


I believe in the nurturing power of natural food, flavours and spices. Real food does not compromise on taste. It takes us back to flavour’s true origins.

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