A healthier hangover breakfast – pasture reared eggs baked in Portobello Mushrooms

A hangover breakfast without bacon? Sounds like a bad dream to some, I know. But greasy food is much better suited to prevent a hang-over than to cure one. A fatty meal might effectively assist in making it much harder for alcohol to be absorbed on the one hand, but on the other it can easily irritate a sensitive stomach after a wild night.

Myles’ had quite an occasion last night. So that´s why I’ve decided to surprise him with a breakfast, one that would not knock him out and send him straight back to bed again. I´ll be serving him a breakfast that morning, that gets him up and keeps him going.

This recipe is not just packed with nutrients that will cure your hangover, it´s also vegetarian and gluten-free: Cheesy Mushroom Egg Muffins with roasted tomato and sweet potato chips.


Preparation in two simple steps

1. Step

This healthy breakfast is quick and simply prepared in two steps: Start by preparing your filling for the mushrooms by kneading a bit of salt, pepper and whatever fresh herbs you have available with a small block of good quality feta cheese. That´ll add tons of flavor to your mushroom muffin. Carve out 2 big brown mushrooms and slather the feta and herb mix along the inner edges of the mushroom, just as much so that there´s still space for an egg. Pop the mushroom into the pre-heated oven at 180 degrees and make sure whatever surface (eg. dish, tray) you decide to use is greased with a little bit of butter or coconut oil to prevent sticking and breaking. Or if you’re really kitted you could use some baking paper. Would be a pity if you add any more frustration to your already irritating hang-over right. Next to your mushrooms add a small bunch of vine tomatoes´s to roast simultaneously. 

2. Step

The eggs will be just perfect by the time you are done with the rest and everything will have the right temperature you serve it. Cut a sweet potato in slices, about 1/2 cm thick and fry them in coconut oil under high heat. Once they are brown, take them out of the pan and place them on a plate with some kitchen towel to absorb the oil. When your eggs are cooked to your liking, serve the mushrooms with the sweet potato crisps and the roasted vine tomatoes. Sprinkle some left-over chopped up herbs over your hang-over breakfast to garnish.



How the right mix of foods cures your hang-over

Brown Mushrooms

Not for nothing called “The Food For Gods”, especially for god´s on the dance-floor the next morning. Few appreciate mushrooms for what they really are and that is a powerful health food containing of a handful of nutrition, which are useful fighting the hang-over battle. Eating mushrooms is a natural way to take a Vitamin B complex, providing you with energy and support for your struck nervous system. Brown Mushrooms are especially useful for those with a throbbing headache, as its potassium regulates blood pressure.


Eggs are a must for an effective hang-over breakfast as they contain useful amino´s, which boost your poor liver and break down acetaldehyde (a toxin associated with alcohol consumption). Double the amount of nutritional benefits and opt for pasture-reared eggs. A good brand to go for is Usana from a farm in Stellenbosch (available at the Cape Quarter).  


Tomatoes won´t just add a juicy freshness to your breakfast, they also contain a healthy amount of Vitamin C, fructose and antioxidants, which are fighting inflammatory responses from your immune system caused by alcohol.


Sweet Potato´s will answer the question for you how you will make it through the day. They are complex carbs, which will make sure energy is slow released and providing a balanced and reliable source of energy throughout the day.



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As a source of reference in respect of nutritional facts and data, I consulted the following websites, which I can highly recommend for further reading on the subject: Nutritiondata, Home Remedies For You, Hangover.org and Cairnsmushrooms.  

Dennis Molewa


I believe in the nurturing power of natural food, flavours and spices. Real food does not compromise on taste. It takes us back to flavour’s true origins.

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