Honest Chocolate – Join the dark side!

The Honest Chocolate outlet in Woodstock is set in the bustling creativity of The Exchange. Here, young creatives and business minds flourish in the synergy of ideas and commerce. These are people who believe in making beautiful, high quality products, coming together in the urban cacophony that is Woodstock. Honest is run by Anthony and Michael, down to earth chocolatiers who are committed to offering the most delicious range of chocolate products made purely and simply.I had a chance to meet with Anthony in the week to find out more about what makes Honest chocolate so unique. Anthony explains that he stumbled onto chocolate-making by experimenting in his home kitchen, and after sharing his creations with friends and family, he soon realised that nobody would be content with just one offering! And so it came to be that Anthony started the chocolate business.


What´s the deal with raw chocolate?

Honest chocolate is completely handmade. Everything from tempering to packaging is carefully followed through by Anthony’s small team of devoted chocolate makers.DSC_00102 The kitchen is filled with ordinary household equipment: two 70s Tedelex Slow Cookers, few baking shelves, a blow dryer and 2 granite tops. It is hard to believe that this tiny kitchen supplies chocolate to some 70 outlets in The Cape. Here they produce the fine specialties for which they have become known: chocolate spread, bon bon truffles, chocolate slabs and macaroons. Anthony explains that Honest is made with raw cacao, ethically sourced from Ecuador. Raw cacao is one of the most potent superfoods out there, rich in antioxidants. Most commonly chocolate is made with cooked cacao, making it lose much of its health benefits. Honest is also made using no artificial additives, free of dairy and other animal derivatives, making it completely vegan. This is no small feat, when you consider that pretty much all chocolate in SA is made with GMOs, stuffed with vegetable fat, emulsifiers, stabilisers and E numbers. Chocolate has been given a bad rap, but rightfully so. At its best chocolate is a powerful stimulant, with a myriad of physical and mental health benefits.


Anthony and Michael have now expanded, by opening a beautiful café in Wale Street which is in the center of town. Fitted in a beautiful, masculine café style, the café welcomes you with the warning ‘Don’t be afraid of the dark…’ Which is not be taken merely as a joke. There really is nothing to be afraid of. The menu boasts guilt free desserts such as gluten-free chocolate bunny chow w/ ice cream made Berene at Sorbetiere and a handful of chocolate drinks and chocolate specialties.  It is great space to work or meet if you are feeling for a treat.


The owners believe that chocolate should not only be enjoyed for its deliciousness but also for its goodness. And after enjoying just one too many Honest Chocolate bon bons, I could not a agree more!


The Honest Chocolate Cafe (Wale Street) now has a Gin Bar called The Gin Bar. Tucked behind the cafe, you will find a quaint Victorian Bar that offers a handful of well-crafted Gin Cocktails. We suggest the Herby Heart which infuses natural Cape botanics, but if you are feeling classic you could also enjoy a good ole G&T. Opening Times: WED-SAT 5pm-late and SUNDAYS 2PM-9PM


For more info contact 076 765 8306 or email info@honestchocolate.co.za


Myles Heneke

Editor and Food Stylist

Food has always been my weakness, and by food I mean desserts and the feast of a special occasion. Of course this is no way to live (God only blessed Nigella with the wherewithal), but I do believe that there is a way to enjoy all kinds of food and still be healthy without being the least puritanical. For me it's simple. Use only the best quality ingredients (local, natural and sustainable) and decide what constitutes 'everyday eating' and what constitutes 'eating for an occasion'.

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