Self-righteous Coconut Date Balls

Restraint is not something I am wont to practice, not least when it comes to cooking. I believe that every meal should have a touch of abandon… extra cream yes! …. perhaps another chilli…. those potatoes are dying for extra duck fat! You catch my drift?

This is my second date ball recipe and I’m proud to say that these beautiful bites are not in need of any excess. Avoid any recipe that asks you to swathe your dates with butter, sugar or condensed milk. These guys are perfectly pious and nothing but the coconut meal and flax seeds I recommend here will be necessary.

I like to call these Self Righteous Date Balls, because they are filled with nothing but goodness and really do fill you will smugness and and delight.

date balls



coconut date balls


1. Hydrate Dates in boiling water for 2 minutes and remove with a slotted spoon

1. Mix all your ingredients together. If you are using a Food Processor, you would use the S shaped blade… Blend for about a minute. Alternatively, you can use a mortar and pestle or a heavy set dish and a potato masher

2. Create little clumps of date goo, about one tablespoon’s worth. You should get about 15 out of this recipe

3. Gently roll the clumps into little balls and place them on wax paper in sealable container. Work adroitly, resisting the urge to taste!

4. Coat generously with desiccated coconut and freeze for 3 hours. Once you remove them you can keep them out of the fridge for a few days, in the fridge they should last for about a week and a half.

Myles Heneke

Editor and Food Stylist

Food has always been my weakness, and by food I mean desserts and the feast of a special occasion. Of course this is no way to live (God only blessed Nigella with the wherewithal), but I do believe that there is a way to enjoy all kinds of food and still be healthy without being the least puritanical. For me it's simple. Use only the best quality ingredients (local, natural and sustainable) and decide what constitutes 'everyday eating' and what constitutes 'eating for an occasion'.

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